i’m on ello now
any of you on?

through my year of crippling insecurity and inferiority, a song i’d been really resonating with was blue hawaii’s ‘try to be’ (a song i overlooked by them last year in favor of ‘the other day’ and ‘daisy’) which talks in the verses of holding this strong image of yourself for the future and then failing to be such. the funny thing is is that i always thought the chorus was “may as well have just been me”, and i thought the song was about this overarching regret of who you’ve become, and having no one to blame but yourself. but a few weeks ago i was reading the cd sleeve lyrics and the chorus is actually ‘may as well just be me’. and the song is actually about recognizing that the present isn’t what you thought it was going to be and moving forward with it. it’s not about regret, it’s about acceptance. acceptance of who are at this time of your life. literally a change in 3 words has jacked me up so hard.